Sunny's Psychic Readings


The  Oracle Cards I use in my readings are very accurate in  identifying  my clients' problems,  situations and solutions. 

Enrich Your Life. 

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​​Her focus is using Oracle cards, her own intuition and past lives influencing this life to help guide her clients through current situations. Sunny always brings a smile and a tender heart to any situation. She has an office located at Crystal Voyage in Tacoma Washington and is the Resident Reader every Thursday. She has been helping people overcome their trials with her intuitive insights, and is an amazing sounding board for those with concerns. Sunny has been studying and learning in the metaphysical realm for a lifetime, may her wisdom be a light for your path!


Intuiting past lives  often provides my clients a greater sense of understanding  the  influences and causes of experiences  in this life.

Let Sunny's Wisdom be a Light for Your Path.


Using these Cards and my sixth sense allows me the freedom to intuit information  and receive insight regarding answers and solutions to the  question.

Tacoma, WA's Psychic Adviser