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Using these Cards and my sixth sense allows me the freedom to intuit information  and receive insight regarding answers and solutions to the  question.

Sunny is the Featured Reader at Crystal Voyage 
Every Thursday from 11:00AM-6:30PM 
3802 S. Cedar St., Tacoma,  WA

Sunny teaches the class "Intro to Oracle Cards" using John Holland’s oracle tarot deck. This class is free Saturday, from 1PM-2PM during the monthly Psychic Fair (the first full weekend of the month).

She teaches a more in-depth oracle cards class the following Saturday from 1PM-3PM.


Intuiting past lives  often provides my clients a greater sense of understanding  the  influences and causes of experiences  in this life.


15min-$30.00     30min-  50.00       45min-  75.00      60min-100.00

About Sunny B ​

Due to life-changing events, Sunny has devoted her abilities to

helping others.

By using her intuitive and metaphysical gifts along with her experiential background, she offers insights and strategies for navigating through life’s ups and downs.

Sunny’s uplifting readings offer information and support to help work through negative experiences. Clients are offered a greater understanding and perspective of their questions and are encouraged to see the "bigger picture” in situations.

She uses various modalities to receive the greatest insight and helpful information, i.e. Oracle cards that accurately identify concerns, past life experiences influencing this life, intuition and pendulum energy, empathy and caring for her clients.

Always seeking to expand and perfect her abilities, Sunny continues to study with established metaphysical teachers and groups, which benefits her clients. Her future is full of possibilities of intuitive expansion and she looks forward to many years helping others.


The  Oracle Cards I use in my readings are very accurate in  identifying  my clients' problems, situations
and solutions. 

Sunny's Psychic Readings